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Maryborough Story Trail

Discover the story that lies within...

Discover the art of storytellings and follow a delightful trail of public art and multimedia, created by our local artisans, that magically bring our stories to life.

"There is a tradition of storytelling here in Maryborough, our people are artisans of this ancient craft. All of the yarns, the tall tales and true, we keep within our Story Bank. The town around us is latticed with stories, a web of words, of people, of place.

When we listen closely in the quiet places of this old city, in the landscape that still contains the traces of everything that has ever transpired upon it, we might just hear the echoes of voices, see the result of labours, and sense the character of the many people who have all played their part in the Maryborough story.

They are the living memories, who know that the story never ends – that there is magic to be found, with every step we take, into the new stories of the future. They may have lived “once upon a time”, but the place is still here." -  Ian Brown, writer and storyteller

Take a Self Guided Walking Tour

  • Pick up your free copy of our self guided walking tour, brochure available from the Bond Store and Visitor Information Centre. 
  • Download the app and follow the audio tour, or scan the QR code to follow the tour on your phone.

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