Customs House is currently CLOSED for refurbishment and will be reopening mid-2024.

Building Works Updates

Fraser Coast Regional Council is currently undertaking works on two of the heritage-listed buildings within Maryborough’s historic Customs Precinct. 

We are mindful of the community and tourism value of these heritage listed buildings and are working hard to ensure this much-loved precinct can continue to be cared for well into the future.

We appreciate the patience of the local community and visitors to this area while these projects are underway.

The Bond Store

Now open!

The Bond Store was impacted by the 2022 floods, which inundated the basement to 9.95m in January and 10.37m in February.

Since then, Council has been working with specialist contractors to complete the following works:

  • Investigation to gauge impact of flooding to the site, followed by rectification and remediation works; and
  • further forensic investigation and design to address ongoing moisture ingress into the site.

An external works program is planned for mid to late 2024 which will mitigate water ingress and help maintain the building’s moisture barriers.

Did You Know?

The Great Flood of 1893 was the worst on record in Maryborough.  Flood waters reached a whopping 12.27m in depth, destroying buildings, livestock, and crops and leaving hundreds homeless. At the Bond Store, flood waters didn’t just engulf the basement – the water was waist deep on the first floor as well! 

Visit the Flood Marker to find out more about Maryborough’s floods and gauge the height of each event.

Customs House

Reopening Mid 2024 

The Customs House is currently closed while we complete restoration works to address structural issues caused by water ingress.

Works include: 

  • repairs to the roof 
  • full internal repaint
  • updated electrical, data, and security systems
  • repointing of exterior brickwork
  • removal of asbestos surrounding the windows and reinstallation of glazing.

Once these building works are completed, we anticipate reopening the reinvigorated Customs House to the public in mid 2024.


Did You Know?

This beautiful building is a mishmash of architectural styles. In the years leading up to Federation, architects were searching for a new “National Style.” To create the Customs House, architect John Smith Murdoch fused Georgian, Queen Anne, and Romanesque elements. Some claim that Murdoch, a practicing Freemason, incorporated many masonic motifs into his designs – can you spot any?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Customs House was initially closed in April 2020 and internal building maintenance works began.As the project progressed, Council discovered that a full-scale restoration of the Customs House was required.We are hard at work behind the scenes refurbishing this site, and we look forward to reopening with a new focus and direction.

  • The Bond Store was impacted by the 2022 floods.These devastating floods inundated the Bond Store basement and caused serious damage to the building. The site reopened to the public on 26 March 2024.

  • Yes! We intend to reopen both sites to the public

    The Bond Store reopened to the public on 26 March 2024, with some external works occurring in mid to late 2024.

    Reopening the Customs House is reliant on the completion of the current building works program. At this stage, we anticipate reopening by mid 2024, in time for Mary Poppins Festival!

  • The ongoing impacts of the Covid 19 pandemic have affected supply chains worldwide. As the pandemic has gone on, it has become more and more difficult to source materials, and shipping between locations takes longer. Specialised tradesmen, qualified to work on heritage-listed buildings are in high demand.  

    Both buildings have presented complex issues relating to water ingress and moisture, which caused substantial damage to both the buildings and the displays inside. Our aim is to complete a considered program of works that addresses the underlying issues and prevents these problems from recurring to ensure that the buildings are kept in good stead for many years to come.

  • Both the Bond Store and the Customs House are listed on the Queensland Heritage Register with the Department of Environment and Science. This means that they have been deemed to have cultural heritage significance to the people of Queensland. Works on heritage listed places must be carefully planned and undertaken, and there are strict rules in place around what methods and materials can be used. This is to ensure we do not diminish the heritage value of these special buildings. Specialist tradesmen are familiar with these rules and regulations and can undertake these necessary works without placing the buildings at risk.

  • The artefacts in the Customs House were removed prior to building works beginning in April 2020. Prior to the flooding events of early 2022, the collection objects housed in The Bond Store were relocated to a safe site. Museum staff have been hard at work cataloguing, photographing, repacking, and caring for our artefacts to ensure they’re kept in good condition until we can safely reopen.